Pot-ay-to OR po-tot-o?

However you pronounce the vegetable doesn’t matter. It’s this week’s word. Webster says it (as always) well:

Potato– A South American herb of the nightshade family widely cultivated for its edible starch. 
Why do I randomly pick potato to define? I just returned from England. They produce and eat ALOT of potatoes there. Naturally, it’s on my mind. I might have just wanted to share some pictures, too.
Like any other food, it starts on the farm:

Before potatoes are planted, they look like this:

Potatoes popping up.

With the extra potatoes, the farmer feeds them to his pigs! Such a yummy snack.

Finally gets to my plate:

Roast beef and potatoes

Traditional fish and chips

It is highly likely the potatoes I ate at the University I visited and across England were locally grown.
However, I’m sorry to say I am not a potato fan. I did the best I could. However, the boys who went to England sure loved them.
Meat + Potatoes = Happy Farm Kids