Food Feature Friday: Gyro

Gyro- a meat sandwich consisting of tomatoes, onion, tzatziki sauce-all wrapped in pita bread. 

Gyros are a greek dish, served in restaurants and kitchens worldwide. Until a few weeks ago, this farm girl had never heard of such a thing.

For lunch one day, I ventured to Anthoninos, an Italian restaurant located on the Hill in St. Louis. My lunch companions quickly ordered Gyro sandwiches and hummus. I am a little embarrassed to admit I am a pretty picky eater. So the Gyro sandwich and hummus were out of my list of choices. I wasn’t in the mood for the typical pizza or pasta (my favorites-and Anthonios has AWESOME pizza), but who said I couldn’t eat just the Gyro meat? So, I tried a salad with Gyro meat. Slightly different from the sandwich contents, basic Gyro meat is beef, pork and lamb. Of those options, I chose lamb for my salad.

The texture of the meat and sweet taste blew my mind. Growing up on my farm, we ate a lot of beef, pork and chicken. Lamb was a foreign concept. Luckily it is no longer. I couldn’t get enough of my salad. It might have been the best leafy goodness I have consumed in a long time. In minutes, I had eaten all on my plate.

That’s why I had to share this word. Mind you, I haven’t actually ate the sandwich. But the meat is where it’s at as far as I am concerned. Definitely Agri-Word worthy. Will I be brave enough to try the Gyro next?

I will have to think about that one. Happy Friday everyone!


Food Feature Saturday

Since I didn’t have anything exciting to really post about Friday, I didn’t post anything.

Sorry loyal followers.

However, I did fight to visit the famous farmer’s market in Soulard on Saturday. It is one huge place!

They had EVERYTHING from fresh cherries and garden-grown broccoli, to home-grown beef and home-made pastas (St. Louis has a really great Italian area).

It all looked so good, I might have purchased some yummy sweetcorn and a watermelon…

What’s the word? You might have guessed. It’s Farmer’s Market.

Since there really is no definition of a farmer’s market on Webster, we will combine the two with a basic mathematical theory.

Farmer + Market = Farmer’s Market. 

Farmer- person who cultivates land or crops or raises animals.

Market- A public place where a market is held; especially : a place where provisions are sold at wholesale or a retail establishment usually of a specified kind.

Going to the farmer’s market is tradition. Growing up, our small North Missouri town had folks who would set up stands by the courthouse on the square and sell sweet corn, melons and sometimes jams and jellies. However, the Soulard market was much bigger than the one at home. Much, much bigger.

It is a three-day market which begins on Wednesday and runs through Saturday. I caught the tail-end of the market and there were still several vendors. I bought my corn and watermelon both for $5, which is a great deal. Grocery stores in Mo usually charge $5 for the watermelon alone.

Needless to say, I will be going back. Next time for some peaches and broccoli.

However, the Soulard market isn’t the only one in St. Louis. There are several in the area. I went to the Kirkwood market a few weeks ago and found the biggest blackberries I have seen in awhile. Blackberries taste really yummy in the summer too, you know.

Aside from the great selection of produce, a farmer’s market is a great place to meet the folks who raised the food. They can answer questions about how it is grown, where they bought the seeds and how long it took to harvest the sweet corn on the shelf.

Agri-Word wants to know if you like going to the farmer’s market and why? Share and your responses could be featured in next week’s Food Feature Friday.