Definition: Chore

Chore-A daily routine or task.

When you are a farmer, chores are pretty much in the job description. Learning the importance of doing these chores on the farm starts early in life. In fact, chores are something that most farm kids do growing up. From feeding livestock, raking the yard, weeding the garden, to scooping hog manure from the pens, chores teach kids responsibility, hard work, and appreciation for small things in life.

In my experience, chores were something you either really enjoyed or dreaded. For example, I dreaded having to “rake” our HUGE yard after my sister mowed (partially because that adventure usually involved in an encounter with a snake or two). However, I enjoyed getting to work with my livestock-especially pigs-in the winter. When it was cold on the farm, I was responsible for checking on the pigs, feeding and watering them, and cleaning out their pens. I would pop in my headphones and the two hours of scooping poop would fly by in no time. When I wasn’t with the pigs, my sister and I would haul buckets of water down to the cattle in the barn lot next to the shed so that they could have something to drink. That was such a cold task.

While I don’t live on the family farm anymore, I have a great appreciation for those farmers who bundle up at 3 a.m. and 6 p.m. to chore-especially in the winter. Their hard work and dedication make it so others can have a yummy, affordable and diverse food supply. In fact, three of those farmers capture the essence of choring in their new “katy-parody” video Chore. Check it out: