Ag Undefined = A Million Definitions

Defining words is extremely valuable. Especially in agriculture.

In this industry words are complex, cultivating, powerful, exciting, frustrating and sometimes even life-changing. If someone doesn’t understand a word or phrase, how can it be used properly?

That’s partly why I began this Agri-Word blog. To define words people may or may not be able to define themselves. I took a look at my short list, and thought it would be a good thing to talk about the reasoning behind defining words in agriculture.

First, lets get slimy. The last word defined on Agri-Word was pink slime. The word’s existence and definition grew fast-and with a damaging reputation to boot for agriculture.

How ABC News smeared a stellar company with ‘pink slime.’

Gainor considers pink slime an influencing word for beef and modern agriculture. The way people defined the pink-looking substance could have a bad turn-out for beef consumption.

Aside from this word, I think agriculture has learned some lessons in the past five years about discussing processes and basic terms used in the industry. They need to talk to people and let them know what goes on in agriculture. When people don’t know what something is, it makes a food or another product seem scary and it blows up. It’s all about defining words and understanding those definitions.

Agriculture has wronged the public-however, not intentionally-of knowledge of certain food production in the past. Heck, I grew up on a farm and had never heard of the pink filler. But, it’s time to have those conversations with the public, because that’s how someone can gain a stronger understanding of a process or word.

Is there one definition for a pink slime? Not in this case. The word itself seems like it has one million definitions. Well, maybe not one million, but at least a few. That’s where Agri-Word comes in.

If not Agri-Word, someone has to get the story straight. It’s time to start defining words. Will you?


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