Agvocate: Part 2

Thanks to a recent comment, I have had an opportunity to explore more about the origin of this week’s word: Agvocate.

Created by Ohio farmer, Mike Haley and two colleagues, the word is defined as this:

“…A combination of agriculture and advocacy.  The inherent active nature of the word has led many farmers and others in ag to make it a favorite for many in the #AgChat community and spread it to other channels and personal conversations. Agvocacy is not about targeting any selected group, such as media or elected officials – it’s representative of ag proactively telling our story.”

Mike has a blog post in which he wrote about being an agvocate or an agtivist. He talks about the differences between the two.

“When agvocating, it’s important to be proactive and listen to others concerns. It involves connecting with those outside of agriculture that are curious about today’s farmers and ranchers.”

“Agtivism…has a more narrow goal to educate everyone about agriculture. It may not include interacting with consumers every day, but is geared toward setting the record straight quickly when they see misrepresentations about agriculture.”

If you follow #Agchat or any farmers on Twitter/Facebook can you tell the difference?

Read Mike’s blog to learn more.



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