Definition: Agvocate

This week’s word you can’t find in the Webster’s dictionary. It is a relatively new phrase and is used primarily in agricultural context.


In agriculture, an agvocate (or ag-vocating) is similar to advocating for a cause-except, advocating for agricultural issues and the agriculture industry as a whole. Sometimes Facebooking and Tweeting by farmers and agriculturalists (other than news sources) promoting agriculture is agvocating.

I found the word appropriate to define, because it’s National Ag Week in the U.S.

With a rise in animal activist group controversy, and a U.S. population several generations removed from the farm, farmers and agriculturalists use Facebook and Twitter as an opportunity to reach to folks who aren’t from farming backgrounds. They also use the week to take pride in the agriculture industry through posts, tweets and pictures. Sometimes, this is considered agvocating.

If you follow these farmers this week and in the future, there may be some tweets encouraging you to express your thanks to agriculture, share your favorite recipe or even talk about your favorite food!

Agriculture celebrates it in different ways.

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These images with agriculture facts is created by Agriculture Impressions.

The Missouri Department of Agriculture is celebrating by putting up a banner in front of their office Jefferson City.

An Ag Day report from KPC News in Indiana. Also, if you are in the area, you can check out some celebrations at the Indy Track.

The best way to follow what’s going on for yourself is to follow agriculture groups on Facebook and Twitter. This is one of my favorite weeks of the year and I am excited to see what people have to say.

This is one of a few blog posts I plan to do this week as a part of Agri-Word’s dedication/celebration to the week. One post will follow a young, determined agriculturalist to Washington D.C. for an inside look at what’s going on there for the week.

How do YOU define an agvocate?


2 thoughts on “Definition: Agvocate

  1. It is very interesting how our language allows us to form our own words after we already have a definition for them. It is so important for us to apply this word. Because as you said, we are facing some very extreme but intelligent people!

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