A Farm Girl’s Passion

Agriculture. That’s the heart and soul behind what sparked my interest in creating the Agri-Word blog site.

I have wanted to create a site like this for some time and I am tickled to have an opportunity to do so as part of a senior capstone project.

Let me begin by saying…

I am fascinated with agriculture.Growing up on a smaller farm in North Missouri, I am very passionate about what I do as a journalist and I hope I can use this blog as a way to better understand your feelings about agriculture as we embrace new technology and a growing world population in the years to come. Agriculture is an industry so diverse and large that it can create an interesting conversation about global food, fiber and fuel production. This is part one of this blog. These posts will reflect ag in the news-both local, national and worldwide. I will observe fellow agriculture journalists and non-agriculture journalists in the stories they produce.

The other part of this blog will define agriculture words.

Agriculture also has a lot of lingo. The industry has a language that is sometimes confusing to the everyday non-agriculturalist. Even farm kids like myself have a difficulty understanding a word or two. So, it is my goal to dissect one agriculture word every week to hopefully gain a stronger understanding of how people define agriculture large and small scale.

Word examples include anything from organic to no-till farming. We can look at easy ways to get agriculture news as well.

What I plan to do…

I want to get a feel for the future of agriculture through your eyes. Tell me what you think, how you define a word and where you would like to see change in agriculture reporting or industry.

So that, my blogging friends-in a nutshell-is this new blog. I look forward to having some great conversations going into this year.


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